Matthew Gallagher

Web designer and developer

Matt was responsible for the functionality of the website. He conceptualized and engineered the functions and HTML structure that allow seamless navigation and transitioning of videos within website.

He also designed the structure and built the giant milk carton video diary booth, which was used as a visual attraction when data collection was taking place.

Matt hopes to use the skills he developed over the course of this project to break into the web development industry


Alice Franklin


In her role as the Producer, Alice was responsible for creating risk assessments, release forms, call sheets and shooting schedules, whilst organising timelines and meetings for all those involved. She engaged with local community hubs and enterprises, ensuring that effective and positive relationships were developed throughout the production.

As the publicist, Alice planned and implemented the physical and online promotion for The Glowing Divide. The marketing activities included data gathering, copywriting and graphic design, focusing on a direct mail approach to bring people offline

Alice aims to continue her career in marketing; her interests lie within working in a creative agency.


Ali Taylor


In her role as Director, Ali was involved across all elements of production, ensuring that her vision was achieved. By carefully planning the narrative through line of the film, she made sure that the message and themes within the film were clear and easy to follow. Ali storyboarded each interview and provided detailed shot lists for the camera crew, wrote the interview questions, interviewed the teenagers and oversaw the final edits of the film.

She was also worked closely with Casey regarding sound. Ali was also responsible for the look and style of both the film and the website, ensuring that they conveyed the right message about social isolation and would be appealing to the target audience.


Max Hopkins

Web designer and developer

In his role as web designer and developer Max worked on creating the website that hosts the documentary and supports the interactivity of the documentary.

He focused on the designing the front end of the website by coming up with the look and style of website and implementing it through HTML and CSS code.

Max is continuing work in web design and development and aims to create a career for himself in creating websites.


Naomi Bowey

Director of Photography

In her role as the DOP, Naomi was responsible for filming a large portion of the documentary, operating the camera both inside and on location. Her tasks included contributing to the lighting set up and the films creative aesthetics. She spent a lot of her time working with a new innovative piece of software, the RGB+D Depthkit. (Created by Alexander Porter) which was used to create surreal ‘game-like’ visualisations within the documentary.

Over the course of the project Naomi also designed the Mini Milk Carton Survey, used for the data collection that later informed the infographics.

Naomi continues her passion for photography and installation, yet she has discovered a newfound love for moving image, something she would like to continue with. She is a keen collaborator and looks to pursue multidisciplinary work within the arts.


Sarah Shorrock

Stills photographer, camera assistant and researcher

In her role as the stills photographer, Sarah photographed the promotional material for the documentary; including portraits of the teenagers. As camera assistant her role involved camera operating and constructing lighting set-ups.

As the researcher, Sarah’s role was to find vital information on the issue of social isolation to inform the content and approach of the documentary. Her research will be presented at ‘Youth work, informal learning and the arts: exploring the research and practice agenda’ conference at Nottingham University in April 2015.

Sarah aims to continue with her career in photography. Her primary focus is to explore our society today, focusing on the social, environmental and political issues that surround us.


Casey Martin

Sound recordist and designer

In her role as the sound recordist Casey was responsible for recording the audio on various shoots, both outside on location and in a studio setting, and later mixed and mastered the audio in post-production.

As the sound designer Casey sourced music for the film to fit the aesthetic and composed an original piece for the trailer, all other music used is from Poddington Bear

Casey would like to continue working in sound, potentially with more of a focus on music and live events.


Naomi Yates

Project manager

Naomi is an experienced film producer/director. She works closely with the JDP’s delivering training, co-ordinating workshops and supporting the team throughout the production process.

She is passionate about film and contributing to cultural innovation by supporting young people to reach their creative potential.


Special thanks to

Tom Harrison – Web development support and training

Alex Hudd – Sound mentor and sound post production training

Sophie Hosken-Taylor – Infographics

Joshua Gaunt – Film production training

Danai Mikelli – Interactive documentary training

Tilly Harris – Assistant editor

Sam Brooks – Assistant sound mixer

Thanks to

Bedminster Down School, Bridge Learning Campus, City of Bristol College, Learning Partnership West, South Bristol Early Help Team, Youth Moves, Ludic Rooms, Watershed, Rife Magazine, Mammalian Diving Reflex, In Between Time, Mandy Rose, The Bottleyard, Carbon Visuals, Jake Evans, Made Open.

Film starring

Charlie, Ella, and Kyle

Beccy Thomas, KWMC Young Peoples Program Manager

Caroline Donald, Early Help Partnership Manager, South Bristol

The JDP team


Original theme composed by Casey Martin

Other music sourced from Poddington Bear

Tracks used: Twilight Grandeur, Like Brigade, Light Touch and Into The Unknown